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Life, in its simple and extraordinary essence, reveals itself to all those farmers who work in the land and take care of it.

Grazia Ammirabile - Owner

Giovanni & Grazia | The foundation and the beginnings

From the love for nature and genuine things, the desire in Giovanni and Grazia was born to work in close contact with nature, respecting its times and laws.

Thus, out of the heart of Tuscany, originated the Ammirabile farm. Started in the 80s, it still operates at a family level today, following the initial choices of its co-founders to offer their customers genuine, quality products.

The family-owned and managed company, surrounded by the beautiful hills of Chianti, consists of 20 hectares, which are tended daily with extreme care. Six hectares are devoted to vines, ten hectares to olive trees, while the rest constitutes the wooded area, where the typical Tuscan fauna still lives today.

Wine and oil are obtained exclusively with our grapes and olives, following the entire production phase from the field to the bottle.

All this allows us to obtain quality products that reflect the trademarks of our region.

I love to take care of our land.

The perseverance in small gestures makes a big


Phil Deacon - General Manager

Phil & Caty | The Marshall

In 2001, Caty, the first child of the family, married Philip, an American from Michigan.

Philip, who before then had literally traveled the world, could not resist the charm of Tuscany and its hills. The two decided to live in Italy, start a family, and work in the family business.

Philip is the manager of the company. He deals with the agronomic management of vineyards and olive trees. Walking around the farm, you will find him--in all likelihood--driving his tractor or caring for our land, while Caty takes care of the administrative management of the family business.

 In each of these jars there is the result of passion for nature and its natural tastes.

Marco Scala - Owner / La Contea Farm

Marco & Lisa | From oil to honey

In 2001 Lisa, the third child of the family, married Marco, who was at the time an import-export entrepreneur of tropical fish. Since his childhood, Marco had a love for nature.

His desire to be in contact not only with animals but with the earth increases daily.

In the hills of Gassino Torinese, where he spent his Sundays as a child, he has a small plot of uncultivated, wild land sufficient to create a garden of flavors and colors

After selling the company, together they began a new path that will lead them to discover a new world, rich in scents and colors.

The “La Contea” farm is born, a small patch of land where blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, currants, strawberries and wild berries grow alongside more varieties of chili peppers. It is also the right place to welcome families of bees and produce organic honey.

In each of these jars there is the result of the producer's passion for nature and natural tastes. No preservatives, no extra ingredients, just the naturalness of what the nature offers.

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